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About Us

About Us

ARISTA LATINDO entered the latex examination glove industry in 1988. ARISTA’s founder,
Gentho Sumarta, had a clear vision of excellence and product quality for the company.He believes that ARISTA has a competitive advantage in the industry, arising from Indonesia’s natural latex resources and abundance of labor. He and his team are committed to making ARISTA LATINDO one of the best companies in the country.

ARISTA LATINDO’s strategy from the onset is to market it’s unique and distinctive brand directly to it’s customers, allowing for a clear communication and an assurance of quality between manufacturer and buyer. ARISTA gloves were first marketed in the United States, and soon spread worldwide. ARISTA LATINDOnow serves over 150 different companies in over 30 countries around the world.

Starting from a humble 1.800 square meters of manufacturing space, ARISTA has steadily grown to its current 8 hectares large production facility, while constantly updating it’s product line and manufacturing machinery in line with market demands. ARISTA employs over 1.500 employees, and manufacture latex, vinyl, and nitrile products all in one location, as well as household utility gloves and cotton-lined dipped working gloves. In accordance with its founder’s vision of excellence, ARISTA offers its customers a unique service of one-stop shopping for a variety of products.

Observing a growing global need for disposable face masks, ARISTA LATINDO has branched out and started a new product line of disposable 3-ply face masks, while still applying the standards of quality ARISTA’s founder so strongly believes in. In addition, it has expanded its personal protective products lines to include alcohol swabs and underpads.

To ensure a consistent standards of quality, ARISTA LATINDO became ISO 9001 certified in an effort to raising efficiency and productivity, while improving customer service. ARISTA has also upgraded the ISO 9001 certification to the new ISO 13485 to keep up with an increasing global standard of quality. ARISTA also has the CE certification and has its FDA 510K improving the company’s strength as a world-class medical device manufacturer.

ARISTA LATINDO will continue to strive for excellence through teamwork, innovation, and total commitment to customer satisfaction. ARISTA LATINDO welcomes you to join its family of satisfied customers around the world.

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